Video Editing Classes 

You may have seen TV commercials and magazine articles that talk about the "dawning of the new age of personal video." It is an age in which anyone can sit down at a home computer and produce a studio-quality motion picture. All you need is a video camera, the right software and a desire to create something. With today's camera and computer technology you can:  Create a really nice rendition of your summer vacation -- far better than "home movies" Produce an unbelievable video presentation for work Create a full documentary film on any topic or issue you wish to promote Create your own multi-million dollar blockbuster movie, just like The Blair Witch Project.

That's the idea, anyway. If you have ever tried to sit down and do it yourself, however, you know that it's not as easy as it looks. In fact, with the more advanced software packages, it can be nearly impossible to get started because they are so complicated. For example, when you open Adobe Premiere -- a video editing software package -- you are faced with this initial dialog box: