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At Glamour Retouching Studio, we offer courses on everything from high-end retouching professional photography to video editing, CGI animation, running a business, and much more. Our comprehensive online courses are designed to not only improve your technical skills but also to help you understand the competitive nature of the industry and what it takes to be successful. Our members span over 100 countries around the world, and our online courses have already helped thousands achieve their professional goals.

We believe that creativity and skill are at the heart of producing outstanding photography. That's why we're committed to offering online courses that empower photographers to develop their artistic vision and enhance their retouching skills. Our online courses are designed to be practical and accessible, with step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow. By joining our community of photographers and retouchers, you'll develop the skills and knowledge you need to produce amazing images that your clients will love.

Our mission is to provide high-quality education in the field of high-end retouching while building a welcoming and supportive creative community. We believe that everyone has unique qualities that make them stand out, and it’s our goal to help our students hone their skills and find their artistic voice. Our classes are designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, and are accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Access 10,000+ Retouching Classes

  • Access 4,000+ Photography Classes

  • Photoshop Training Professional

  • Photoshop Certified Associate Classes

  • Glamour Professional Retouch Panel

  • AI Photoshop Retouch

  • Capture One Classes

  • Video Editing Pro Classes

  • CGI 3D Tutorials Classes

  • Drone Classes

  • Cinematography Classes


  • 130,000+ Raw Files For Practice Retouching

  • 120,000+ Raw Nude Images For Practice Retouch

  • Erotic Nude Images For Practice Retouch

  • 200 -4,000 New Images For Retouching Added Each Months

  • 600+ Gigabits Adobe Presets Actions Brushes & Extensions

  • 35,000+ Photoshop Overlays

  • Boudoir, Nude, Portrait Posing Card

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