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Are you ready to learn professional Photography and master high-end Photoshop Retouching, Lightroom or Capture One? Join Thousands of Members from over 120 countries around the world And get access to 9,500+ Retouching Tutorials, 3,500 Photography Tutorials and over 21,000 images for practice retouching 

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DO YOU LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY? 2020 was a bad year but I did make an amazing discovery. While surfing the web, looking for Photoshop tips, I stumbled upon Glamour Retouching Studio. Just got your first camera for Christmas or you are a 40-year veteran professional, there is something for you. Their free area is loaded with more goodies than most sights have total and for a minimal fee, their pay areas cover everything from beginners to the best of the best to Photoshop's latest edition 2021. There are thousands of courses, tutorials, stock photos, and more. Glamour Retouching's mission is in Photoshop retouching of top-end models and portrait photography. Regardless of your interest, you will find information and training to fit your needs. I am a very satisfied customer. I learned more in my first 2 weeks than I have in the last 20 years. Visit If you are not impressed with the free area, I will refund your money. Now that is just for the free area. LOL


I was about to sell all my photography equipment at the end of 2020 and quit Photography completely. But after 1 week of joining this site, I change my mind. The Retouching and Photography tutorials are endless and easy to follow. 


Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars learning Photoshop Retouching online and University. It turns out my Photoshop University teacher is a member here. I confronted her privately about Glamour Retouching Studio. She advises me to join. Six months later I quit my Photoshop University classes and 3 months later I took the Adobe Certified Associate test. Thanks to Glamour Retouching Studio Photoshop tutorials I am now Adobe Certified 

Casanova Johnson

I have been a member of this site for well over a year and since then I went from an average Photographer to now a published Photographer and Photoshop Retoucher. 

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