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How To Get Started In Nude Photography?

First of all let me say this before I get started. The Photography world is filled with Photographers, but when it comes to nude Photography this environment gets very small. Why is that?

Nude Photography can be very highly profitable when marketing is right.

But nude Photography is not something you can just learn on your own.

This type of Photograph genre requires you to understand a woman or man body, posing, lighting, cameras setting, the when the why the no and the yes and so much more. So sorry YouTube can not help you today.

But with that said we at Glamour Retouching Studio have Dozens of Tutorials with over 60+ hours from different Nude Photographer and Photography classes to teach you and get you up and running as a professional Nude Photographer.

Note. Nude Photography course can be very expensive. A professional course can range from 200 - 300 usd for 1 or 2 hours tutorial.

Or you can do what I did at the time and spend 800 usd to attend a live nude Photoshoot class.

But you can sign up with us and access over 300+ nude Photography and Retouching courses plus images to download and practice retouching.

So lets get started.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a new photographer or an old hand, starting out in nude photography brings up a lot of questions and concerns. We want to know the best practices, how to set up a shoot, whatever it is that can help us get started in nude photography.

Some beneficial resources for getting started in nude photography are online tutorials from experts, such as these Artistic Nude Photography & Retouching

Why So Nervous?

What is it that gets us all so nervous about getting started in nude photography? Honestly, it’s the nudity. For most people, whether the photographer or the model, being nude adds a level of concern even to the most self assured individuals.

Let’s look at what it takes to get started in nude photography as a photographer to alleviate some of the anxiety.

First, Learn the Basics

Starting out in nude photography usually isn’t an endeavor that we simply jump into the moment we learn how to use our fancy new DSLR or mirrorless camera. For most photographers, we start out with increasing our skill in other types of people imaging. You can also view another post about nude male photography.

Primarily, to get started in nude photography we will learn basic portrait lighting, posing, and composition techniques.

Let’s take a quick assessment of our skills. Do I know the difference between short lighting and broad lighting and what each technique does to a portrait subject? That’s two of the basic lighting techniques for portraits. Learning the basic principles of portrait lighting is a cornerstone skill for getting started in nude photography.

Posing and composition often work together in portrait photography and becoming comfortable with the principles involved for portraits will cross over naturally into nude photography.

Focus on Planning

Getting started in nude photography after honing your portrait skills will cause you less anxiety as a photographer.

So now, we take these skills and apply them to starting out in nude photography by careful planning. A good nude imaging session doesn’t happen by accident, work out the details ahead of time. You can also check another post about nude photo poses.

Again, some questions will help us. Where am I going to shoot? If you don't have a usable space yourself, search for nearby photo studios that rent to photographers. Shooting in a studio generally works so much better than renting a hotel room. If you think you’re nervous, think about how your subject feels.

Other questions may cover how many people will be involved and what style of nude photography you’re attempting. Some subjects may want a familiar person to accompany them, others prefer more privacy, work that out ahead of time. Also determine what and how to shoot before the session so you can both concentrate on the art involved.

Network With Other Photographers

To get started in nude photography, it may be a good idea to join a photography forum for discussion or a local group for finding places and models. If there is a photography club in your area, join it.

Starting out in nude or boudoir photography may seem daunting at first, but knowing your craft, having a good plan, and networking with other talented photographers will get you past that initial nervousness.

So are you ready to start your career in Nude Photography?

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