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SILVER SWAN By Erich Caparas

Styling and design: Lina Teixeira. Makeup and hair: Hendrickje Ewen. Couple: Bianca Persechino and Billy Glass

This was one of my first award-winning images. Originally, the concept was focused on the model’s face only. Last minute, though, I decided I wanted to include the arms and hands. Since we were on a budget, and the makeup artist ran out of paint, I identified the capture I wanted and finished the body makeup in post-production. When I first competed with the image second from right, the judges’ comments included everything from, “Tilted, flat and needs better cropping,” to, “For symmetry, make it as symmetrical as possible.” This was my first lesson in paying attention to details. After some tweaking, the image on the far right scored a gold and placed first.

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