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As a Photographer you need to know modern photography trends if you really want to impress your clients with original ideas and one-of-a-kind results. But if you truly want to capture people/clients, attention. Presenting unique Photography styles will make your work stand out from other photographers.

So here is our top 5 trends you should consider added into your workflow.

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Number 5 - Neon Flair

Photographer Lenar Abdrakhmanov

If you really want your photos to become popular and widely-recognized, you should incorporate neon elements into your work. Luminosity and glow will turn any image into catchy masterpieces. Try taking neon-themed portraits and you will understand how cool such photos look.


Number 4 - Express Yourself

Retoucher Nello Johnson

Thanks to the variety of social networks, people have the opportunity to express their sincere feelings and thoughts whenever they want. Trending photography is also related to the demonstration of your raw emotions and ideas. Your clients may ask you to present them authentically, and if you do it, your works will be in trend.


Number 3 - Drone

Photographer at Glamour Retouching Studio

The development of the drone industry has encouraged more and more photographers to use quadcopters in their work. Of course, you need to abide by certain rules on where and when you can fly a drone, but, in general, aerial photography gives you more flexibility and freedom when you photograph a subject. The quality of shots is remarkable and you can create really breathtaking compositions.


Number 2 Color Gel Photography

Retoucher Nello Johnson

A color gel or color filter (British spelling: colour gel or colour filter), also known as lighting gel or simply gel, is a transparent colored material that is used in theater, event production, photography, videography and cinematography to color light and for color correction.

Most of the time, colored gel photography is used as an aspect of portrait photography, in which it twists or alters the lighting setup over and over again. It is actually the reflection and repetition of color that makes this practice special – and its unique nature that manages to transform photos into amazing visual creations. If you can't master color gel Photography, The lucky for you it can be done using Photoshop.


Number 1 - Vibrant Colors

Vacation In Greece

Strong, bright colors are what we expect to see in the future. We believe this is to grab attention from the hundreds of thousands of images that are taken and shared daily.

The stronger the color, the louder it shouts. And it needs to if it was to get noticed. This is a little conflicting, as photographers, we aim for natural scenes. Luckily, graffiti, wall paintings, and other outdoor designs are also becoming trendy and louder to stand out.

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