How long does it take to learn Photoshop

As cofounder of Glamour Retouching Studio and someone that have spent hours studding photoshop- I have a pretty clear answer to this question. There are some website claiming it will take 5 to 23 hours to learn Photoshop. But I'm here to tell you. That's total BS. Most serious Photoshop tutorials are around 15 - 23 hours long. Which in most cases will teach you the basic.

( you can find such tutorials here. )

Now ask yourself this question. After watching 23 hours of photoshop tutorials, will you be able to remember everything we just teach you?

No of course not. Photoshop is a complex program, with multiple industries revolving around it. It is a program that can help you edit, fix or manipulate your photos, as well as creating designs & paintings from scratch.

If you seriously want to learn this program, you need to invest the time and money. A simple 1 or 2 hour youtube video are for amateurs that will remain a amature for a very long time.

So how long it will take to learn Photoshop?

Let's break this down into 2 ways. Let us focus on 1 of the 23 hours of Professional Photoshop tutorial that we currently offer to our VIP members. We will put you in the fast learning category. For every 1 hour of tutorials you watched. You will need to watch it 3 times.

3 X 23 = 69 - Watching Tutorials

Now you have spent 69 hours watching photoshop tutorials - ( Oh but keep in mind we have place you in the I am fast to learn category ) But what about practice?

You now need to double the amount of time you spent watching tutorials and start practicing what you are learning.

69 x 2 = 138 - Practicing

So let us add up our watching tutorials and practicing time.

138 + 69 = 207 hours.

Last a photo should speak for itself. Let me show you the difference between watching random 3 - 6 hour youtube videos various one of our member that is now certified in Adobe Photoshop.

3 - 6 Hours youtube video

200 Plus Hours of professional Photoshop tutorials at Glamour Retouching Studio

So the question. Are you ready to Master photoshop?

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