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How long does it take to learn Photoshop

As cofounder of Glamour Retouching Studio and someone that have spent hours studding photoshop- I have a pretty clear answer to this question. There are some website claiming it will take 5 to 23 hours to learn Photoshop. But I'm here to tell you. That's total BS. Most serious Photoshop tutorials are around 15 - 23 hours long. Which in most cases will teach you the basic.

Now ask yourself this question. After watching 23 hours of photoshop tutorials, will you be able to remember everything we just teach you?

No of course not. Photoshop is a complex program, with multiple industries revolving around it. It is a program that can help you edit, fix or manipulate your photos, as well as creating designs & paintings from scratch.

If you seriously want to learn this program, you need to invest the time and money. A simple 1 or 2 hour youtube video are for amateurs that will remain a amature for a very long time.

So how long it will take to learn Photoshop?

Let's break this down into 2 ways. Let us focus on 1 of the 23 hours of Professional Photoshop tutorial that we currently offer to our VIP members. We will put you in the fast learning category. For every 1 hour of tutorials you watched. You will need to watch it 3 times.

3 X 23 = 69 - Watching Tutorials

Now you have spent 69 hours watching photoshop tutorials - ( Oh but keep in mind we have place you in the I am fast to learn category ) But what about practice?

You now need to double the amount of time you spent watching tutorials and start practicing what you are learning.

69 x 2 = 138 - Practicing

So let us add up our watching tutorials and practicing time.

138 + 69 = 207 hours.

Last a photo should speak for itself. Let me show you the difference between watching random 3 - 6 hour youtube videos various one of our member that is now certified in Adobe Photoshop.

3 - 6 Hours youtube video

200 Plus Hours of professional Photoshop tutorials at Glamour Retouching Studio

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