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How To Find Nude Models For Photoshoot

This is a question mostly for men photographers as nude female photography is 80% more popular compared to men nude photography. Females are 90% more comfortable being photograph by women. So how you as a guy approach models for nude photoshoot?

First off all offer professionalism. No one wants to just pose for a guy with a camera. They want assurances that you will do quality work. They also want assurances you are not some perv.

First and foremost find a model that did very sexy glamour or even nude photo shoots before.

Next have a vision of what type of nude photographs you want to create with her. She will have a lot of question and you need to have clear cut professional answers.

You need someplace private to shoot be in a studio setting or a private space be it indoors or out. To be professional in your offerings, you should be able to handle and control light. That flash that came on your camera just wont do. To shoot models, you first need to offer them the comfort and security of being in your presence.if you can't guarantee that, stay away. Any legitimate model will want to see examples of your work. Legitimate photographers normally have a web site where their work is displayed. At the very least a portfolio of work they can view.

As a model she looking at the professionalism and quality of your work. If you have done glamour or nude photo shoots in the past and posted them on your profile,then this is an extra bonus. Having not done nude photography is not necessary in most models view. But the quality of your work must standout.

As another said, you could advertise locally in a newspaper or post something on model mayhem. You may get replies and they come from all shapes, sizes, races, and sexes. If it were me and find beauty in all human forms, you would jump at the chance to get the experience of the different human shooting. If you are a professional or striving to be one, what happens if a person very overweight or different color than you have been shooting offers to pay you for a shoot? You have no experience and suddenly discover you do not know how to shoot them properly because your settings are different now or you do not know how to pose someone different that what you are used to. Money lost, an unhappy customer who tells all their friends you don't know what you are doing.

So here are the following things you need to be ready fore.

1 Have a professional display of your work.

2. Have sample images of what you want to create with her. Google search some ideas you have in mind but do let her know they are not your images but just a sample of what you have in mind.

3.Have a set location

4. Have a budget at minimum between 200 - 500 USD

5. Let the model know what you intend on using the images for.

6. Offer her a few images to use on her profile to promote you.

7. Ask her if she wishes to bring a friend family member or love one if this makes her feel more comfortable.

8. If other people will be involved introduced her to them. But if not make sure you show up to the photoshoot alone with only your photography gears.

9.Also, be prepared to supply any wardrobe, make up, and hair stylist if you are serious. If not and just ask the model if she can assist herself in this area.

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