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Nude Photography Tips for Photographers and Models

Nude photography can be allot of fun and challenging, for both the photographer and the model. Just our nude photography tips to help ensure that your experience with nude photography is enjoyable and produces great images.

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As a model for nude photography, what you think and feel can enhance the photoshoot beyond the skill of the photographer. You are contributing some of the most important aspects of the nude photoshoot, you are the subject. Without you, there won’t be any pics.

Bring a Wrap

Even in a climate-controlled room or studio, exposing your skin to the air can make you uncomfortably cold while in the session. A wrap of some sort is beneficial to help keep you warm between sections of your photoshoot.

The wrap can also double as a prop for the photo shoot, allowing some semi-nude or implied nudity images. The photographer should have props and wraps, too, having your own may be a little more comfortable for you.

Wear Loose Clothing on the Way to the Photoshoot

Another essential nude photography tip for the model is to avoid tight clothing or underwear for a little while before the session starts. The elastic bands of some clothing items can leave pressure imprints on your skin which may take a while to dissipate and only add extra retouching work to be done. 

With the exception of specific posing ideas, good posture makes any body type of either gender a generally more pleasing final image. This also helps the photographer see what nude photography tips for better nude poses and composition will work well with you, making the session run smoothly.

Have Fun

You are the subject, the model. All the attention is on you. Instead of getting nervous about performing well, relax and have fun. And if the photographer doesn’t make you feel like the photoshoot is enjoyable, you can always take control of your own situation.

Tips for Photographers

As the photographer, your nude photography tips will cover both the model or subject and your own conduct and skills.

Relax the Mood

Especially if this is the first nude photoshoot for you or the model, try to relax. The shoot should be enjoyable, fun even. The nude photography tips in other articles about pre planning will go a long way towards this goal.

Use a Simple or Blank Background

Since you are concentrating on the subject and lighting, having simple or blank backgrounds can remove distracting elements from both the final image and the process of taking those images.

Try High Key and Low Key

This nude photography tip covers lighting, contrast, and exposure techniques. High key for a light, airy feel, or low key for a moody, dramatic effect can enhance the experience and the final photographs. We have covered this in more details in our tutorials

As either the photographer or the model, following these simple nude photography tips can enhance the experience and result in better images.

Ask the model to send you some glamour images of herself if she does not have a profile for you to review her images. . Never ask for outright nudes as this may turn her off completely. If she or he is comfortable he or she  will send u nude images to review without you having to ask. 

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Dec 31, 2020

Excellent advise. Someone nude in the shop almost every day for the last 35 years. I had several tricks to keep everyone comfortable and this post is just good sound advise. It should be beneficial to everyone.

I will add one thing. When the clothing starts to come off , No starring or crude remarks from anyone. Thank you. J.D.

Feb 23, 2021
Replying to

We 100% agree. We'll said

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