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What Is Beauty Retouching? 

Beauty Retouching is Portrait Advertising images usually selling Hair or Skin Products. It's also one of the popular types of Retouching but extremely difficult to get High End Professional Results.

To understand this better we will show you 3 different levels of Beauty Retouching.

Photographer & photographer Nello Johnson


This would be considered your basically level Beauty Portrait Retouching. Such Retouching can take place in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. The client wanted to look natural as possible. She was a young lady with fairly good skin texture. I spent around 15 minutes Retouching this image.

Retouch In Photoshop.

Blemishes removal (scars, zits, acnes, pimples) Skin smoothening Lips color enchantment

Removing stray hair on a face, shoulders. Color correction




Retoucher Nello Johnson

One would think this next image would be considered High End Retouching. But its not.

But why is that? Basic Level of editing is the post-production process which makes a photo look professionally retouched. This Retouch image easily falls in Pro Retouching categories but not high end. In reality ask yourself this question. Have you ever seen a woman with such perfectly beautiful skin and pure white eyes?

Professional skin editing (blemishes removal, smoothening) Color correction Background enhancement (solid color replacement, extending) Stray hair removing Face Shaping Small objects removing

Clean Eyes.

Removing all hair on her face.

Lots of Dodging and Burning

High Sharpening




Now we move on to High End Retouching.

High end Retouching fits perfectly in between both images above. But why is that? High end is not about how far you can take your Retouching. Its knowing when to stop. Many new Retouchers think pushing a image beyond perfect would be considered high end. But it's not. You missing the point. One very important thing to know about High End Beauty Retouching is the model. If you want high end results you need a model with good skin Tones and Texture.

So what have we learned?

Images 1 shows you more of the Photographer work. The image looks like only some color adjustment was made

Image 2 really pushing her skin. The image looks more like it belongs on a makeup box.

Images 3 hits a perfect balance of not going to far but also not doing so less.

Nowadays High End retouching is frequently chosen by professional photographers from all over the world. You can see that the image takes a more expensive and expressive form as if from the cover of a popular magazine. The name of this editing service speaks for itself: a retoucher pays attention to the details in the shot, it's not only about the basic color correction, that's why the editing is more difficult and is hard to repeat.

Writing by Retoucher and Photographer at Glamour Retouching Studios Nello Johnson

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3 commenti

Good article! Thank you.

Mi piace

25 dic 2020

Hi. I'm not familiar with video editing but it depends. Movie editing can be far more demanding in the CGI World. The difference is. With video editing you have more freedom to get away with things. Still Images can require next to perfect with no to little room for error in the high end industry. Explain. The movie Venom cover. Instead of using one of the clips an Grabbing a frame from that. Instead a photoshoot and lots of Retouching was done to Ensure that Fantasy cover came out perfect. So the answer is no. And they use different software

Mi piace

Good article! Thank you.

I recently started doing photo retouching. Try to find worthy examples. Recently, I really like the work of the team. In addition to the photos, they also retouch the video, which surprised me.

Can you please tell me if video retouching is very different from a photo retouching and what is more difficult?

Mi piace
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